Kangaroo Jersey


Limited Edition Jersey 

  • Equipped with Zipper
  • Short Sleeve Polo Jersey
  • Durable DTG Printed Ink - Digitally Printed
  • 100% Polyester Moisture Wicken
  • Super soft fabric on skin
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Cold machine wash for easy care
  • Weight 130GSM
  • Double needle bottom hem and sleeve
  • Unisex sizes from Small - 4XL
  • Model is wearing size L
  • 30 Day Money back gaurenteed
  • Kangaroos stand between five and six feet (1.5 meters to 1.8 meters) tall from their feet to their long, pointed ears.

  • They weigh between 50 and 120 pounds (23 kilograms to 55 kilograms). Male kangaroos are taller and heavier than female kangaroos.

  • Female kangaroos usually only have one joey at a time. Mother kangaroos have special pouches on the fronts of their bodies for carrying their joeys in.

  • Straight after they’ve been born, the tiny joey climbs up its mother’s fur to reach her pouch

  • At this stage the joey really is tiny; just a few centimetres long. The joey then stays in its mother’s pouch for around 8 months until it is old enough to leap around on its own!

  • Kangaroos are marsupials aka they carry their young in a pouch.

  • A group of kangaroos is called a mob. A male is a boomer and a female is a jill.

  • Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia

    • Aboriginal Artist – ‘Malla’(Dale Oliver)

      Malla was a globally renowned artist and has exhibited Internationally, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and locally in Far North Queensland, his artworks were purchased by collectors and investors from Australia to globally. 

      During his career of over 30 years Malla's works have been commissioned and presented in the early 90's to several international identities that includes

      ✓John Denver-Multi Grammy Award winning recording artist. 

      ✓Dave Allen- Top rated BBC artist.

      ✓Sir David Frost- Presenter/Interviewer BBC (Frost/Nixon interviews).

      ✓Michael Eisner- Chairman and CEO Walt Disney Company.

      ✓Barron Paul Hamlyn- British Publisher and philanthropist.

      ✓Sir Harry Secombe- Welsh comedian, singer and actor.

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    S 105 68
    M 110 73
    L 119 75
    XL 129 79
    2XL 140 81
    3XL 150 85
    4XL 160 87