Barramundi Fishing - Canvas Painting (The Original)

$15,000.00 $25,000.00


This is the original hand painted Barramundi art work that started off FNQ Hooked in early 2019. This design is original and must not be replicated or reproduced for commercial use.

FNQ Hooked retains the right to sue any persons who reproduce this product in any commercial shape or form. This art work is purely to be bought for recreational purposes for house hold or office.

Painted from Canvas with water based acrylic paint and framed from boxed timber framing and cased with high qaulity perspex. 

Signed by the original artist with name and signature.

Over 10,000 copies of the Barramundi reproduced world wide on Clothing from this Original Painting.

This is the one and only original painting of its kind!


Length - 55cm
Width - 48cm
Height - 2cm
Weight - 1.6 Kilograms

Price - 


  • In the Dream time the Barramundi was a delicacy among traditional aboriginal people, now the ultimate sporting game fish amongst the fishing community. 
  • Barramundi live in both freshwater and saltwater and dominate many tropical rivers.
  • They eat almost anything, including other barramundi, and can consume prey up to 60 per cent their own length. They can grow up to 200 cm in length and 60 kg.

  • Saltwater barramundi have a silvery body and yellow fins. The FNQ Hooked Barramundi is the ultimate sporting fish that is highly sort after by anglers nation wide.


The fighting Barramundi is a well sought after and iconic fish of Australia as its beautiful white flesh is a delicacy. Aboriginal people often hunted for them in the freshwater billabongs and saltwater rivers.

My great grandfather ‘Malla’, his son James and then his son Allan were brilliant makers and marksman with their hand made bamboo spears. They often caught Barramundi and crabs this way when ‘Malla’ was a small boy.



Malla was a globally renowned artist and has exhibited Internationally, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and locally in Far North Queensland, his artworks were purchased by collectors and investors from Australia to globally. 

During his career of over 30 years Malla's works have been commissioned and presented in the early 90's to several international identities that includes

John Denver-Multi Grammy Award winning recording artist. 

Dave Allen- Top rated BBC artist.

Sir David Frost- Presenter/Interviewer BBC (Frost/Nixon interviews).

Michael Eisner- Chairman and CEO Walt Disney Company.

Barron Paul Hamlyn- British Publisher and philanthropist.

Sir Harry Secombe- Welsh comedian, singer and actor.