Material Information

Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve Sublimation 

The lightweight fabric is perfect for all outdoor elements, protecting you from the harsh sun rays with our UPF30+ resistant technology, the soft touch 100% polyester material is comfortable on the body plus has the added feature of being breathable keeping you cool and dry. 

As a polyester, it is moderately hydrophobic, so it absorbs little fluid and dries relatively quickly. The cross-section is non-round, increasing surface area by an estimated 20% (over round fibres)  in order to produce a wickening effect via capillary action.

The fabrics employ specially-engineered polyester fibres to improve "breath ability" compared to natural fibres like cotton.

The reason why FNQ Hooked chose UPF30+ over UPF50+

The material we use in UPF30+ is a lightweight fabric of 130GSM in weight created from 'Birdseye mesh fabric' which is breathable and soft on the skin.

The UPF50+ is heavier and has a fabric weight of 180GSM which is heavier in weight and is not as breathable in the tropics and more humid places such as Far North Queensland.

Jordan Oliver who is owner and director is a mad keen fisherman and tests out his products when he is out on the water.

Speaking from personal opinion “I felt like the UPF50+ 180GSM fabric was not as breathable allowing sweat patches and not sufficient wind and breeze exposure to ventilate through the material when I was out fishing”.

We chose UPF30+ on purpose as it is 96.7 UV radiant, lightweight, breathable and softer on the skin.

Happy Fishing
The FNQ Hooked Team