Marlin Energy - Unisex Long Sleeve Polo (Kids)

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  • Durable DTG Printed Ink - Digitally Printed
  • 100% Polyester Moisture Wicken
  • Super soft fabric on skin
  • Upf30+ lightweight & breathable
  • 97.4% UV Radiation Blocked
  • Cold machine wash for easy care
  • Weight 130GSM
  • Double needle bottom hem and sleeve
  • Unisex sizes from 6(XS) - 14(XL)
  • Justin is wearing Size 10(M)

    UPF Rating Protection Category % UV radiation Blocked
    UPF 15 – 24 Good 93.3 – 95.9
    UPF 25 – 39 Very Good 96.0 – 97.4
    UPF 40 – 50+ Excellent 97.5 – 98+


The Marlin

Kids - Apparel - Marlin Energy - UPF30+ Long Sleeve Sublimation Indigenous Shirt - Authentic Wearable Art from Far North Queensland Cairns

Get noticed in the latest Unisex sublimation clothing line by FNQ Hooked.

The FNQ Hooked Marlin shirt is as majestic as the Marlin in real life.


  • The Blue Marlin (Makaira Nigricans) is one of the largest species of fish in the world! Not only is it one of the largest fishes in the sea, it’s also one of the fastest! They have been known to reach speeds of up to 110km!
  • Marlin have a long, sword-like upper jaw which they use to slash and stun fish, making them easier to catch. Blue marlins are very active and strong animals. They like to leap out of the water. 

  • Also, they will show powerful and acrobatic movements while trying to release of the hook. Larger specimens can reach 14 feet in length and weight of almost 907 Kilograms.


So get ready, and get the look, at FNQ Hooked.

These shirts are lightweight, long sleeve, 100% polyester moisture wickening available in Kids Sizes clothing line.

Artist Story - Malla

Indigenous Artist Story - Malla

The huge Marlin is renowned throughout the world as a powerful and extremely exciting fish when caught on a fishing rod. It has set game records for fishermen around the globe for many years.

In the early days when caught, they were not always put back into the water but now they are released straight away without any harm to live and fight another day. How good is that!

Dale Oliver - Malla




The FNQ Hooked UPF30+/40+Long Sleeve Sublimation shirt is as unique as they come as we are the only store who design and supply this specific product.

The FNQ Hooked material is climatized for humidity and heat protecting you from sunrays with our UPF30+/40+ fabric birdseye mesh which is 100% Polyester. The FNQ Hooked light weight fabric holds little fluid and drives relatively quick.

Whether you are at the beach or pulling in a marlin the FNQ Hooked team have you covered.


  • Accredited with a UPF30+/40+ rating, it blocks more than 96% of UVA and UVB rays and is equivalent to wearing SPF 30+/40+ sunscreen all day long.
  • Recommended by medical experts to maintain a healthy skin and help prevent skin cancer and melanoma.
  • Super soft, comfortable and anti-odour
  • Tested and rated for anti-pill, doesn’t shrink and keeps its colour after wash.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin types

 So get ready, and get the look, at FNQ Hooked.



PLEASE NOTE: Unless "Women" is stated in product title, Polos and Shirts are UNISEX sizes and are made according to men's sizing. "Women's Approx. Equivalent Size" is an approximate guide ONLY.



1/2 Chest / Width
Check your chest width by running a tape measure from your left armpit to your right armpit.

Using a tape measure, determine the length by of your torso starting at the top of your shoulder closest to your neck and ending at the start of your crotch.
Waist Width

Check your waist width by running a tape measure from the left side of your waist to the right side.
Hip Width

Check your hip width by running a tape measure from the left side of your hip to the right side.

Please note. Measurements can vary within 2.5cm, this is within our tolerance.


2 (XXS) 37 60-64
6 (Medium) 52 74-78
10 (Large) 56 84-88
14 (1XL) 64 90-94